Lost MSFS2020 file

I recently purchased MFS2020 and installed it. I had issues with peripherals, but the problem I have now is the I cannot find the program file. I have looked on all the drives and everywhere I can think of. I even thought about uninstalling and re- installing but there’s no file found to uninstall. I checked on the purchase information and it still shows as downloaded.
Any help on where it can be.

MSFS is an app, not a program.

Go to SETTINGS in Win10 and select APPS

Also, the installation is in the APPDATA folder under your PC username.


Thanks for the information. I found that Windows App file and it
was like you said. But, when I clicked on it, a message came up that said "Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item. "
Any iseas how I can fix this? I really appreciate your help.

Are you trying to find the executable for MSFS for a peripheral? If so, what device?

I’m not fully understanding what you are trying to do.

I’m trying to find the file or app that will open FS. I used to have an icon in the bottom tray and now I can’t find it. The sight you gave me was the application but it wouldn’t open.
Unfortunately, if I can’t get it open somehow, I won’t be able to fly.

I hope I explained it a little better. I really appreciate your patience with me and taking the time to help me.

it’s not so easy, because the exe file is locked by windows.

WindowsApp folder is where modern apps sandboxed from everything in the system which makes them rather secure compared to other desktop programs. To get access to the WindowsApps folder, follow the steps below:

  1. Right-click on the folder and then select Properties.

  2. Select Security tab and click on the Advanced button.

  3. Once on Advanced Security Settings, click on the Change link. You will receive a UAC (User Access Control) prompt. Click Yes to continue.

  4. Now the window will show you all the permissions of the WindowsApps folder. As you can see, this folder belongs to the system, thus you are not able to access it. To change it, click Change link appearing next to TustedInstaller .

  5. The above action will open the Select User or Group window. Here enter your administrator username and click on Check Names . This action will automatically fill in the object name. Now, click on OK to continue.

  6. Here in the main window, you can see the that the owner of the folder has been changed to your specified administrator account. Before applying the change, make sure that the Replace owner on sub containers and objects checkbox is selected. Otherwise, you won’t be able to interact with other files and folders inside the WindowsApps folder.

  7. After you’ve done everything, click OK to save the changes.

  8. As soon as you click on the OK button, Windows starts to change the file and folder permissions. This process may take some time, so sit back and wait until the process is completed.

  9. Once the file and folder permissions have been changed, you can easily access it like any other folder in the Program Files folder as long as you are an administrator or have administrator rights.

Is there a shortcut in the Start Menu?

You can also run the sim from the XBOX app (if you bought from MS Store)

I don’t see the FS in the start menu. I did buy it from MS Store

Open the XBOX app. On the far left it lists all your XBOX games and allows you to launch them. You can also right click on the game icon and make a shortcut to desktop.

The name on the shortcut is “Microsoft Flight Simulator”. In the Start Menu, it is also named that.

Hester, I’m sorry, but it’s just not there. I appreciate what you’re doing for me but I think the app is gone. I can’t find an uninstall for it anywhere.
I’m going to callit a night and have some dinner. If yhou think ofanything else, just leave me a note.

You’ll get a better place in heaven for all your help.

Have a good night!

I’m wondering if it got fully installed? For that, you can check your MS Store app. Make sure the Store app and XBOX app is up to date.

If it was installed, it surely would be listed in the SETTINGS, APPS off the start menu.

When you first install MSFS from the MS Store, it’s a 2 step process. The first download is around 1GB (that’s the installer) of which the store will say “Install”. After that has downloaded that “Install” button will change to “Launch”. Click that and that is where the big installer will go. That install is around 90GB+ (and it’s best to turn off your antivirus and use a wire instead of WiFi and unplug any unnecessary USB devices; including your controllers - joystick, yoke, xbox controller, etc.). Those you can plug back in after MSFS is installed.

There are several other apps that will need to be installed, but they do it automatically. One is a digital ownership (or something like that), one is gaming services, one is XBOX Game Bar. You go to the store and click on Downloads & Update and have it check for any updates.

Hester, I found the problem. You were right, it was not installed. I had it installed and played around with it but something happened. I called the MS help number, and the lady said I had to down load it to a hard drive on the computer. I was doing it to an external hard drive and she said it would not work there.
To make a real long story short, I would never have been able to get anywhere without your help and all the explanations.
I ordered a new joystick and new pedals but they are really backlogged so it will be a while. I just hope they will work with MSFS 2020.
Thanks again,


Good to know! I can see where using a USB drive would cause problems. Hopefully you have an internal drive with enough disk space! Make sure it has at least 150GB (or more is better).

I’ve also been trying to decided on a yoke or joystick. I do like the Honeycomb, but my pocket book doesn’t. In real life, the planes I fly all have yokes so used to the yokes. Currently I’m using the CH Yoke LE and Peddles which I bought when they first came out… many moons ago! Since MSFS has released, yokes and joysticks are hard to find in-stock!

By the time I add up what I’ve spent on building a new PC, peripherals, software, monitors… I could have real plane. Ha!

Maybe your antivirus software quarantined the file. Bitdefender think its ransomware…

Really, won’t work on an external usb 3.0 drive? Based on other advice to install it on an SSD,I purchased a 240 GB SSD which I put in a SATA to USB 3.0 enclosure. It is talked fine, but gives m a “please wait” downloading the patch. What’s up?