Lost my Carenado C337

The C337 no longer shows up on the aircraft selection screen, but it is still showing as installed in the Content Manager. Deleted it, and reinstalled it and it still refuses to show up. Has anyone run into anything similar?

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To reset Microsoft Store, open Settings > Apps > Apps and features > Search for Microsoft Store > Advanced options > Use the Reset button.

To reset the cache for Microsoft Store you can also use Windows Settings or use the built-in command-line tool known as WSReset.exe.

You can also run CMD as administrator, type WSReset.exe and hit Enter.

Alternatively, in the Start search, type wsreset.exe.

Then, restart MSFS and check the Content Manager. You should once again have access to the C337 and be able to download/install so that it shows up again for you.


I do have access to it in the Content Manager… I have deleted and reinstalled, but it does not show up on the aircraft selection menu… or in the Hangar. Was working fine for months…

Still there for me, sitting in it right now! (Well actually I’m at work but I like to remote in to my home computer and fire up FS waiting for the sun to come up)

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I have a similar problem with Orbx LYNI Nis airport. Purchased it a month ago. It shows up in my content manager, shows up on marketplace world map as owned but is just a stock airport when I fly from it.

Solved, this did it:

  • Go back to Start, then select Settings > Time & Language.
  • Select Date & Time and toggle the “Set time automatically setting" and “Set time zone automatically” to ON.
  • Click on Synchronize your clock to synchronize your system’s clock with an Internet time server.
  • Then click Region, double-check that your country or region is correctly set up (for example if you live in Canada, make sure that the region isn’t automatically set to the USA or vice-versa)

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