Lost My Pilot Profile Data

I apologize if this issue has been dealt with previously. I probably did a big No No and recently put my computer in SLEEP mode while running MSFS2020. When I woke it up I had lost all my profile data: flight hours, log book. Is there a way to recover this? Should I never put my PC in sleep mode while MSFS is running?

It happened to a lot os people here at the forum after last patch in april 8th. I, personally, was not affected, but it hapoened to me once in the past.
People who are facing this situation, at least at this moment, were still not avle to recover the data lost. Maybe will never get it back

Hello @DrDoid1

We’ve moved your post to #bugs-and-issues:miscellaneous where Logbook issues can be better found and discussed with other users.

Notably, there is an ongoing thread where Logbook data loss is being discussed, but none of the symptoms involved a PC being put to sleep. Nonetheless, it might be worth your time to peruse it and see if anything is helpful within.

I’m having the same issue.

Thank you! I will check there and follow.

Please see this topic: