Lost promise from the early q&a

Ok so maybe i’m dreaming or having a false memory, but i can quite clearly remember asobo in one of the first q&a that another microsoft studio was improving the atc, anyone else recalls that ?
EDIT: found that https://youtu.be/FZ_ODML7IQc?t=1338

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Well at least the ATIS is somewhat correct for me now since the last patch. There is that… :slight_smile:

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I remember that… then came one of the early Sim Updates where they added a couple of words to the ATC lingo and called it a day. We all thought they were doing a complete overhaul, but it never came. Best to just use Vatsim (of course when they finally fix Live Weather).

sad because i would really enjoy an atc that’s functional with real life traffic :confused:

What does that have to do with the OP’s post? The hotfix isn’t fixing ATC issues that have been in the sim since alpha.


Probably best to get the sim into some sort of reasonable stable state so we can actually fly properly before dicking around with atc


I know that, as does pretty much everyone else. I still don’t understand how the hotfix has anything to do with the topic at hand though. I’m merely asking what the relevancy is.

The hotfix repairs the SU5 bug where ATC is always yelling at your to increase / decrease altitude even though you’re at the correct altitude.

This is unrelated to what the OP is referring to.


I do vaguely remember hearing the same thing. But I’ve since given up on the ATC in the sim. I was tired of constantly getting erroneous instructions on IFR flights and incorrect ATIS info and wrong runway assignments.

I started using Pilot2ATC which is a replacement ATC system that actually allows you to talk to it with your voice. It’s also not without it’s issues, but loads more functional with many customization options and more realistic.

what i would really hope is the atc to get better, because it works with the live traffic. But for now it’s just so bad it’s kinda sad. I hope they add better atc instead of trains…

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One does not need to exclude the other. I guess ATC is continuously improved, bit by bit, while trains are clearly slated for 2023, as it should be. Trains are really no priority now, there’s a ton of other stuff that needs attention right now and is much more important for a successful flight.

ATC has been pretty bad from launch. It’s had some improvements. Small steps here and there with some regressions in other areas along the way. On the plus side, it’s been some time since I’ve had ATC try to fly me into a mountainside. Still much room for improvement though. I’m not even a pilot and I know there are a lot of things wrong. I can even imagine what it’s like for someone who IS a pilot and knows exactly how things should be.

It was a direct copy from FSX, with new voices added.

And then it got worse.

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Just because they say it will, doesn’t mean it will. The last hot fix was supposed to fix the altitude issues and CTDs. That really worked out well didn’t it.

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it’s crazy how in this forum you can’t have a topic without people fighting :stuck_out_tongue:


I simply asked a legit question - what does the hotfix have to do with the topic of the thread.

The thread is not about the minor altitude bug introduced with SU5. It’s specifically about promised changes to ATC what were made back in the first Dev Q&A from September of last year that have never been delivered or talked about since.

“There’s a hotfix coming tomorrow” is about as on-topic as if he had posted “I’m a vegan” as a reply to your OP.


You are cracking me up, Sir.

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They talked about it a little bit in the past few dev Q&A’s. Actually they talk about it mostly every Q&A. The most recent one (performance fixes/Xbox q&a) they mentioned it again very shortly (around 17:39)

Short summary of what they have said so far (all taken from the different Q&A’s over the past year)

  • Looking into better TTS (text to speech) with Microsoft/Azure China
  • There is not any aspect of the ATC they don’t want to improve
  • ATC systems are deeply linked with other systems in the sim, like flight planning, terrain awareness, navigation etc. Which makes it impossible to improve just the ATC and not the rest. This is maybe the most important one, and the most important reason why it’s taking long.
  • A strike team is on this to get things moving
  • things like phraseology and order of words can be, and will be continually improved with every new update.

I’ll give them credit for one change with SU5.

First flight, I tuned in ATIS and didn’t hear the now monotonous “few clouds at ≈ 400 feet, few clouds at ≈ 1200 ft, few clouds at≈ 2000 feet” that didn’t match actual conditions. I nearly fell out of my chair. ATIS was still wrong (reported overcast and heavy rain under nearly clear skies), but at least they did SOMETHING.

That issue was brought up in a few Q&As and the response was them staring like a deer in the headlights with a “we don’t know about this bug - we’ll investigate” reply. Finally they did something about it.

Now if they could only make it report accurately…

This was also discussed in a very recent Q&A (the same one I mentioned earlier)

I’ll get you a short summary too:

  • ATIS (METAR) info is being merged into the Meteoblue weather (they use ATIS as extra ‘data points’ and base their weather on both the Meteoblue data combined with METAR)
  • The whole weather system is getting a huge overhaul, making these inconsistencies a thing of the past.

For more info: Watch the last 2 or three Dev Q&A’s