Lots of flying - TBM930

Been doing lots of flying with this plane. My itinerary so far : Toronto - Halifax - St John’s - Ponta Delgada - Gibraltar - Barcelona - Le Cannet - Paris - Rotterdam - Isle of Man - Stavanger - Stockholm - Sochi - Istanbul.

Planning on heading towards the middle east, then Africa, and then return to the America’s.

The plane has been mostly solid for me, except for the odd bug here and there - lucky I guess when compared to some. One issue I do have is with navigraph; it keeps disconnecting and gives me the "could not connect to simulator " message. When I click on simlink, it tells me that it’s already running…


Hi, I like flying that plane too. It is fast enough to get somewhere and can land lots of places. It is a nice plane, appearance wise and fit and finish. Refuels easy in flight too :slight_smile:
I flew from Antarctica to Chile the other day, and from Key West to Antigua (where I was married many years ago).

EDIT: I’m just starting to use Navigraph, so don’t have any experience with bugs yet, I’m still making ignorant mistakes with it. I can see that it will be very helpful. Before I got it, I’ve been hit or miss with route creation and ‘which runway is which’ up until now.

Could have written this. Even Navigraph disconnect on tablet

I have now found that if I shut down navlink via task manager and then re-fire navlink, I am able to bring back flight tracking. I had to do this 3 or 4 times on my last flight.

I fly the TBM a lot, also. It’s my second favorite plane next to the A32NX, which I consider the most technologically advanced A/C in MSFS.

I had exactly the same thing happen to me. What I found I did was I created a shortcut to desktop from the .exe and was using it to start Navigraph. There was another Navigraph Charts shortcut on the desktop created by the software, so I started using it instead, and boom!, everything started working correctly again. Don’t know if this will help you, but this is what worked for me.

Do you run Navigraph (and simlink) as administrator? Also check the sim if you have the steam version.

I love this plane too and have been using it for my very scenic round the world tour. I’ve been keeping a little blog over here:

How many hours SMOH? :grin:

The TBM is in the top three for me. With the improvement mod and the G3000 mod from fspackages it is just a delight to fly.