Low bandwith xbox serie x

Hello everyone

Recently on xbox, I received a message telling me “you have low bandwidth please disable photogrammetry”. I am wired to my xbox. I have fiber. I don’t understand. is it due to a large number of simmers in flight or is it a bing data problem?

thank you

Do you have any QOS enabled in your router? Have you performed the network testing via Xbox when this occurs.

What’s QOS ? I didn’t change anything on router. I tested my network on xbox and it is correct

Could be that other devices in your local home network (including your xbox) are downloading data outside the MS FS from the internet. Patches for example.
If I have latency issues I remove my laptop and mobiles from the (W)Lan so the 'box is the only one getting data through the local network.

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Did you check which FS server you are pointing to and what the ping rate to that server is. I was defaulted to a 320ms ping server. I am now on a 30ms server. Your broadband may not be the bottleneck.

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QOS is quality of service, and may be called something else in your router but principals are the same.

At a very high level, it ensures that all connected devices have bandwidth to operate as required. In turn this sounds “nice in theory” and has its use cases. However, this can bottleneck some devices such as MSFS by throttling the connection to ensure that other systems thst may be streaming, updating, etc can do so at the same time.