Low cloud/fog in Los Angeles all the time with live weather?

Every time I take off from LAX there’s a huge layer of fog and low cloud all over the ground, a lot of it even extends to the surrounding city.

I know the bay area like SF always has some fog hanging off the coast but I’ve been to LA a few times and never seen it like this. It’s the middle of the afternoon, too.

Anyone else seeing this? Is this a bug?

Photos for reference

Just looked up current METAR for KLAX

KLAX 241953Z 26012KT 4SM BR OVC006 22/19 A2987 RMK A02 SLP114 T02220189

Decoded: Visibility 4 miles, mist with overcast clouds at 600 ft.

coastal marine layer is common… seems like an accurate depiction.

There’s also a lot of fire smoke in Southern California at the moment which could be contributing to the low visibility

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Fog and low clouds in the summer is very common in southern california.

It’s fog, this is the way the sim translates it. Like the dev from Asobo explained it fog is badicly a low level cloud.

Same here. I think I’m going to go to a Los Angeles live cam to see what the atmosphere is like.

Rock, this recent Live Cam of Hollywood and Vine shows very ugly smog in the LA background.

LA/OC local here, and the air quality is horrific lately. Very humid lately…so lots of moisture in air, combined with smog and smoke settling from all the statewide fires. Currently looking out the window and while its “clear” outside, the sky is no where near blue, its nasty. The flights I’ve done so far around LA using real world weather are surprisingly accurate…

The photo you posted of LAX looks really accurate with marine layer settling in…especially if thats morning or late afternoon/early evening

KWHP is my home,
I think the clouds generally look very well. We do get the morning marine layers.
I was wondering if the fires were cause strange things as well.

Where is all the live traffic? Sometimes it is there, some times not. I have been having issues with my Spectrum cable. If it gets too slow, does it removes the live traffic?

Do a night flight out around Palmdale to Bakersfield. Is that suppose to be the fires?

Can someone check flying into KBUR. I keep getting the wrong frequencies.

I have been having issues with the taxiways, not being correct.

It would be nice if more of the VP landmarks were actually modeled.
Has anyone seen the "Hollywood’ sign?

They could leave it that way and it would be accurate 80 percent of the time.

Welcome to LA

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I believe in a small craft I hit the oh not paying attention.

Didn’t end well.