Low fps and does not use resources

Hello everyone, I have a problem with the msfs, the caul when flying gives me some fps of 18 between 9 when I activate the msi afterburner I see that the gpu and cpu are not being used at all, my specs are these:
rx6700xt oc 12gb
intel i5 9400f
16gb ram
I need your help thanks

If you enter Developer mode and use the FPS meter what does it say?

Limited by Mainthread, GPU or CoherentGTDraw?

after all what it is going on since updates tend to ruin performance and visual fidelety there are also loads of threads about the verry same thing:

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Low fps and does not use resources

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Sometimes it looks like the one for the gpu but it stays blinking and red.
The CoherentGTDraw also seems to me when I do long flights it lowers the fps too much

If it’s blinking between GPU and mainthread just put the rendering resolution a little higher so it will stay GPU limited. The constant switching from GPU and CPU bottleneck will cause stutters.

I also have the CoherentGTDraw issue sometimes, that should never happen because normally that thread runs at only 1ms per frame or something. I have to reset the flight sometimes to fix that. It’s related to the UI. That’s probably a bug.


Hello friend, look, I made a short landing just to land and it goes at 20fps and 18 so I know how the limited gpu thing with The CoherentGTDraw starts to blink, I don’t know what to do if I stop playing to get an update I already gave up

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