Extreme stutters and freezes during approach after WU4

As the latest hotfix gave me my fps back, i am on a i5 8k at 4.5 ghz win 10 2004 ssd 32 gb ram and 1080ti in 2K playing around high - ultra settings… i started in rotterdam with the crj and thought, hm…ok, a few frames less then before, but to be honest - really smooth. so i planned my flight, takeoff, climb cruise and as is decent into EBBR brussel the stutterfest began. it was the first time i experienced a true slideshow - fps wont get me higher then 9-19 … normally i approach heathrow with 28-30 fps with the crj … but this today, i dont know if it s the patchday, servers or something again with the PG. but this was litterally unflyable…

what are your experiences ?

Same with fbw a 320 and aproaching eddk, lebl as example… i think i have in flight round about 5 FPS less.

same with me taking off from LFMN. Terrible stutters until I was in the climb and then back to normal.

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same here, but i disconnected ingame (went offline) and reconnected and it was gone…strange indeed…


LFPO is not usable with the CRJ when taxiing to the runway 10 FPS and when accelerating on the runway 2 FPS. I almost could not get back into the menu.
CPU only 3%
GPU only 2%

Just made a short flight with the aermacchi m339 at gayas kos, greece. this went to be honest very well, so i expect it might be photogrammetry or very dense multiplayer areas with a lot of traffic. i dont know.

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This has always been my main issue ever since the beginning. Smooth flying no stutters when flying above 3K 40+. Huge stutters 20-25 fps when on approach right around 2500. Makes it hard to enjoy the sim seeing that landing is a huge part of a flight sim. This is an area that could use a lot of optimization. If they could make the flight level change on approach smooth and flying low around cities without stutters and low FPS, things would be great!


Imposible to fly close to the ground over Rotterdam. 1 seconds freeze every 3 seconds.

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Just spawned into KDFW, three times, and getting 1 fps on an RTX 3080.

Asobo fix this nonsense!!!


I have the payware LFPO and its absolutely fine in the crj. Lfpo is my testing ground. Altho i agree fps on landing/takeoff dropped but its generally smoother. But ifld prefer higher fps at landing/takeoff.

Folks check your vram I notice after this update my rtx2060super is running out of vram quite easily and this was not the case before the update.I was literally stuttering taxing @KDCA with the CRJ with vram usage sitting @7.5gb.
I started lowing more stuff like shadows and it fixed the stuttering a bit.

Flew ILS27R into EGLL (can’t remember the transition but brings you directly over West London) in VR with ~40FPS (about 5 frames higher than usual) but quite a few micro-stutters and a few stutters - though nothing to be too concerned about. (Same approach was unflyable after WU3 with photogrammetry on).

Thanks, this solved my sudden WU4 stutter issues as well :+1:

I have noticed performance issues around airports, my fps are the same, but noticeable micro-stutter has appeared that I have not seen before.

Same here with a 3090. Seems whatever they changed after SU3 just keeps getting worse.

yup, look at this ■■■■…all those dips in the 3D are the stutters…was trying to land at KSEA …soooooo stuttery!


My Stuttering went away once I turned off the multiplayer option under data in settings. So I Think that the problem is multiplayer right now. Try turning it off then back on.


I am also facing micro stutters ever since I updated to
Also under developer mode, I am unable to navigate around the aircraft in the Hangar either using keyboard / mouse nor using my Xbox 360 controller.

It is a nightmare every time there is an update, specially being a livery creator, I find it next to impossible without having the Developer Camera functioning.

Seems like when there is a new update their servers get super busy and we experience the stutters and low fps. Give a day or two, I think it will get better. At least that’s my experience.


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I’m encountering micro-freezes around once per second after the latest update at busy airports.
Also the nameplate of typically one multiplayer person is disappearing and re-appearing in the same pattern.


Or as a video:

For fixing the problem it is enough to disable “Multiplayer Traffic” in Settings-Data.

Anyone else having this? Is there another cure than disabling multiplayer?