Low fps despite all the tweeks

Hey everyone! My fps is running at only 12 even after tweeks to my system’s vram and graphics settings.and other things on YouTube! Can someone please advise on how to get this up??? I dont have a monster of a system…running a GEFORCE GTX 1050 Ti. 8GB ram… all the settings are set to maximum performance…but no changes in fps…please help…im no pc expert, so if possible in plain language for dummies.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: thanks!!!

It is hard to advise without knowing all the system specs – CPU, memory, and GPU. You’ve only given the GPU.

This game is very heavy on CPU, so I’d guess your CPU is not at the high or even medium range.

You should set graphics setting to LOW and see what your FPS is.

Got the same graphics card, with 24 GB ram and a i5-7400. I get pretty good FPS for my system, around 40 FPS. got everything set to medium except for clouds i have those set to high.

In Nvidia I have set the following

Power Management Mode - Prefer Maximum Performance
Texture Filtering - Anisotropic Sample Optimization - ON
Texture Filtering Quality - High Performance
Threaded Optimization - On
Vertical Sync - Fast

Now beside that make sure you have Vsync off in the game

and disable the windows xbox gamebar

In my windows graphical settings I turned on HAGS see this

Also make sure you dont use AI offline Trafiic as it eats FPS right now, its not optimized yet, instead use live traffic or none

Thanks for the quick response…I’ve set the graphics to LOW and I’m barely getting 15fps now…
My system specs are as follow

i5-8300H CPU @ 2.30GHz
Installed RAM 8GB
Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti

On the same settings I get 40fps in x-plane11… very strange…but i guess its probably due to fs2020 quality

cpu and Ram is the bottleneck.

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Thanks for the info…did all of that and my settings is on LOW end, just to test it…still get a max of 15fps…:pleading_face:

how do I fix this???

Ya what Schere, said. MSFS has exceptional quality. Unfortunately not so much on a laptop with a mobile CPU and 8 gigs of Memory,

This is my performance chart…

i think your hardware is not strong enough.

Try setting the render scale to 80.
And lower your resolution!

3840x2120 ??

This is for RTX 2080 and above!!
Try 1080p

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Yeah you especially need more RAM. I’ve seen this game use about 10GBs of RAM out of my 32. If you are on a Laptop you can upgrade the RAM.

guess I need to do get more ram then…:slightly_smiling_face:

from this charts its clear that your GPU is the issue, it just struggle to run 4k. I suggest you try and bring your render scaling down to 50/60% or run the sim at 1080p with 100% render scaling. Do this and post your performance chart again.

O s$#t…dont know why it was 3840x2120!!!

I switched to 1920x1080… seems a bit better getting 16fps now…but will keep trying… sorry if I’m wasting everyone’s time!!

what is your render scaling at 1080p now ?

But thats on static screen…as soon as i start moving the camera around…it drops to 16fps…

what are you NVIDIA Control panel settings ?

its set for high performance…one ‘poster’ gave me the settings

which airport are you at ? which airplane ? Vertical Sync - Fast - > switch your vertical sync off.

OMDB 787 dreamliner