Low FPS when flying low and landing, but it goes up when I stop

Please read carefully.

Because is important in some cases.

BTW. For sure you are CPU limited.

What? Where did that come from? Stop saying random things to make you seem smart. What does this have to do with it?
I never told you what my specs are so how on earth could you make that assumption?
I am very happy with my Ryzen 7 5600x

I will stop entertaining you now, you are cleary just trolling people

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If you are CPU limited try try lowering game settings.

Really? Lowering game settings can improve fps. Thanks for that very very useless tip.

That post is from a completley different topic…

And my tip to you is to set all settings to low if you are Gpu limited, it will improve fps, trust me.


I’m also having this problem. I get around 100fps when I’m over 10000ft but when it comes to landing… I even saw 1-5 fps during landing. my avg fps is around 15-30(depends on the airport) when I’m on the ground. even though my pc should handle those easily, I tried a few ways to improve the performance like caching. but it didn’t help much. on most of my landings, I’m having stutter issues at least 3-4 times until I land. btw I didn’t have any of those weird fps drops when I’m taking off. mostly happens on landings.

My Specs
Ryzen 9 5950x
RTX 3090
64GB ram

Exactly the same problem here. During roll out on take off its a slide show. As soon as my wheels leave the ground the fps go back up to 70-80 fps and butter smooth. It’s the same when I go into land.