Low GPU Usage Fix (kinda)

Recently a lot of people have been reporting a issue with low GPU usage while departing/idling. I’ve done some testing and here is a somewhat-solution to the issue. First of all mess around with your V-Sync settings both in your GPU control panel and in the game. Usually turning off all references of V-Sync can help with low GPU usage. Another thing you can do is run DDU and restart fresh with your GPU drivers and profiles. There are guides on how to do this at the bottom of every new driver update post in the Nvidia sub-Reddit under “Driver Downloads and Tools.” The last suggestion I have has the highest chance to work but also could be quite disappointing to people who like to fly airliners. Using small planes (Cessna 152, 172 etc.) will usually yield a higher GPU usage which may sound odd but I’m serious. When I use a Boeing 747, I usually will get a GPU usage of about 40% which results in about 20-30 fps. However when I use a Cessna 152 for example, I will get around 98% GPU usage which results in 60 fps or higher.


1. Turn off all instances of V-sync in your GPU control panel and in-game.

2. Do a clean wipe of your GPU drivers with DDU and reinstall the latest ones (DO AT YOUR OWN RISK).

3. Fly smaller planes (Cessna 152, 172, etc) as larger models are significantly less optimized.

I’m also brand new to flight sim and this forum so please be easy on me if I didn’t use correct terminology.

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Another problem may be if you have a low end CPU that is bottle necking the system from running faster.


the airliners are extremely heavy on CPU.

Garmin planes are a bit better,

but the steam gauge planes are 60fps bliss…

Nope i9-9900k at 60% usage. Trust me it’s not.


Your CPU isn’t low end but it is for sure bottlenecking your system.

Do you know what bottlenecking is? I told you my CPU is at most 60% usage. If it was bottlenecking me then I wouldn’t be able to play consistently at all. My GPU usage is the only thing that bottlenecks me and it’s only when I fly small planes that it maxes out.


Open up devmode. Check the frametimes for the CPU graphs and compare it to the GPU frametime.

If the CPU is taking longer to render a frame than the GPU, what do you think is bottlenecking you?

I’m not sure you have a clear idea of what a “bottleneck” is. You can be below 100% usage on CPU and still be “bottlenecked” by it.

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Will do thank you for the suggestion

The problem is really the sim not using CPU full potential, Im using a 3700X, and non of my core was maxed out, but somehow when flying airliner, its still limited by CPU, others using 9900k or 10900k has the same issue. My CPU usage is below 50%, this is clearly optimization issue.


I have an i5-7600k at 100% utilisation. Definitely need an upgrade but I want to see how the soonest patch solves issues.

Seems to be for people who are on 4 core CPUs also struggle a lot with the sim.

Same here i5-7600k stuck to 100% causing big stuttering. GPU 1080ti at 50-60% avg.
Wondering if switching to a i5/i7 10th gen can improve the situation. Better wait for the first patch though as you said.

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Got the same problem with new system in 4K. (Ryzen 7 5800x + Radeon RX6800)
GPU load was at 50-60%, CPU at 10-12% = 20FPS.
Disabling Vsync helped. FPS jump to 35-40 (even in cockpit camera of A320) and GPU load is finally at 100%.
Thanks for the help!

This problem never happened with my previous installed hardware (i7 6700k + GTX1070) Strange.