Low GPU Utilization

Hi there,

I have read through a number of posts on this topic, but they all find their origin around launch. So when I am in the menu I have frames through the roof and relatively good GPU utilization. When I get into the actual sim, at a relatively rural airport, my VRAM sees a max of 4GB when it has 12GB. Here are my specs:

3080 TI
Ryzen 5 5700x
64 GB DDR4 3200Mhz
B450 Tomahawk

What am I missing here? Any help?



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Lower terrain LOD and traffic settings. Put off-screen terrain precaching on ultra. Lower glass cockpit refresh rate to medium.

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Your VRAM utilization is 4GB because the sim has to accommodate the hardware limits of the XBox. Rather than loading up 10GB of textures, the sim copies them into VRAM as needed. If you compare to DCS, for example, they load all the textures into VRAM, and some of their maps consume 10GB.

Anyway, it’s not very clear what you are trying to achieve. With those specs, I would turn off the FPS counter and stop monitoring your utilization because those things are a big distraction from enjoying the sim. Turn on Vsync 30, and crank up the eye candy. Life is good.