Low res scenery - was fine before

Just recently the image quality in my Ovulus Quest 2 suddenly seemed off when in the MSFS sim, even though I had not knowingly changed any graphics settings. Other games seem fine.

The cockpit detailing is excellent, but the outside world looks blurry even on the highest settings - it is as if the outside world is being rendered at a lower resolution. I’m sure it wasnt like that before.

I have Terrain and Object LOD at 100 - increasing them has no effect.

Are there any settings that could affect the outside world only?

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I found the same situation… suddenly the scenery looks blurry, like if I have no AA activated. At night, the sky is awfull, it is weird because I didn´t touch any in my graphic config. I have an Oculus CV1.

Sometimes rolling back to previous version of oculus app (while you use beta version) or nvidia driver works.


Sorry to hear you’re having issues, hope you’ve sorted it but if not:

I believe the MSFS in-game render scale (when less than 100) may affect the outside world more so than the cabin interior.

Is your render scale currently set on 100?


I FELT overall degrade of scenery graphic quality after the recent beta update of Oculus app to ver. 40.
What I found is reverting Oculus app to ver. 39 (currently regular version) could fix it. Scenery (especially at a long distance) is noticeably clearer now.
But downside is that performance FEELS worsened. I’ll also try roll back of nvidia driver in expecting better result…Let’s see.

As far as I know, in-game render scale contributes to sharpening glass cockpit displays but is not effective for better scenery. Increasing SuperSampling of OTT or ODT is more efficient regarding scenery. MSFS is really tricky…

Not sure I really got to the bottom of this issue, though an alternate cable seemed to help. But to be honest, I cant thinking that maybe I just imagined it.

And to make matters worse, I got a G2 shortly after, so now the Quest 2 always looks low res in comparison.

I still think the Quest 2 is an amazing headset for the money, but I will be largley sticking with the G2 for MSFS.

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