Lpv for g530 and hold pattern for approaches

still no lpv for the g530 and no holding pattern for approaches. I know the holding approaches are more for light aircraft but this is the staple of approaches. Not only do they not have correct approaches like in the real world many airports have no approaches or limited approaches. I like to practice my approaches with a g530 because in the real world this is what we have in most small planes or the g430, not the g1000 except for the Sirrus and they are a million dollars so back to real life for the average pilot. Do they just not care or are their so few real pilots using the sim that its not need for real simming.


I know the holding approaches are more for light aircraft…

Let me not agree with this sentence. On other side, holding/s can be executed mostly manually with AP and other data help so your practice/test can be most required than follow automatically holding pattern as is published. I now also answer to you some thing, every NAV/DATA DB needs then be actual also with every NAV/FIX holding pattern in case it actually has because it has actual heading, distance and side, also inbound/outb.

I could not make any sense of what you said. I do not use autopilot for approachesThis is a good example of a true gps approach with holding pattern and their is one for nearly every airport in the untied states. I’m training for my IR…

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and again what you want to know exactly, what feature you’re missing? That racetrack is important there to enter IAF and pattern is there for clear enter.

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The basic supplied G530 is almost useless for the IFR practice you are after.

There is a Garmin mod available.

GNS530 mod - Third Party Addon Discussion / Aircraft - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums


If I can omit racetracks which aren’t in MSFS generally,

I fly IFR procedures without problems, RNP, GPS and ILS. All is enough to me fly them correctly. Also in 172 and also f.ex. with Carenado Seneca. I understand that maybe other features can be useful with msfs devices generally but in this time I can fly all IFR and enjoy it. Who now require that features to not battle with no features use that Community addons, not me from some time due FPS performance.

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Excellent mod… one of my favorites along with the Working Title mods for the 1000 and 3000 series Garmins.

Note that the 530 mod sometimes does not “work and play well” with aircraft other than the “stock” offerings from Asobo. For me, it seems to cause CTD events when flying the Just Flight Arrow III.

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I tend to use the C172 or the Mooney to practice IFR in and around the SoCal area, so the ‘not playing nice’ has not been a major issue, for me.

Most practice means ignoring the in-game ATC or use an online service like Pilot2ATC.

After a number of missed approaches and selecting a number of alternates, the game has to be stopped and reloaded.

KLGB is a fun one, crank up the number of AI aircraft, get ATC talking constantly, and you have a good simulation of SoCal airspace.

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Yeah… that’s fun to do.

The C172 works great with the 530 mod; I cannot remember having a single CTD with the Mooney either.

I fly into KSEE and KSAN quite a bit, and into KSNA as well… right on the border of Class B airspace. KCRQ is another right on the border of Class B airspace. Traffic in that part of the world is pretty intense. I usually vector out to the VOR on Santa Catalina to keep west of the LAX Class B, and fly V27 to the Ventura VOR.

It’s a fun region to fly, and the weather is usually pretty good once you get above the marine layer in the summer. :slight_smile:

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