LSZA Airport Runway Lights

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Runway Lights float in the Air
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I noticed that too. In many airtport. The strange things that it’s happened only on landing.

I am seeing this in Steam VR as well. Latest build.

I flew in here today (never been here before).

The airport lights are still hovering around 10 feet above the runway.

I’m on PC and got the same problem. It’s a shame no one fixed it yet, especially because this airport was handcrafted by Gaya and came with the SU. Should get fixed ASAP!

Checked right now. No problems on PC. Note that I didn’t update SU 6.

EDIT : I meant WU 6 not SU 6.

Lugano came with the SU7

You are surely right. I misspelled SU6 with WU6.I just wanted to post what is shown on my content mgr. I didn’t download the update yet.

I just noticed, after a new test, i only have this problem if you arrive at LSZA. If is start my flight at LSZA, everything is fine. Seems to be a bug in general then.

Fixed in SU12: Release Notes - Sim Update 12 [] Available Now