LSZH by Asobo (Gaya) - ILS for rwy 28 does not work properly (too high approach)

Hi guys,

Yesterday I flew to Zurich using Fenix A320, landing at rwy 28 but got ILS bringing me too high for landing - managed to land by disconnecting AP a bit earlier than planned. I landed exactly where I should but ILS marker was somewhere on the top on PFD.

I’m using Navigraph navdata for both Fenix and MSFS. Is it a usual bug (incorrect ILS) for all hand-crafter airports provided by Asobo?

I did a quick test of the ILS 28 approach in the 930 and it seemed to work fine. Locked on at the appropriate place and was on track to a normal landing all the way down.
Not sure if the issue is related to the Fenix 320 specifically or something else, but the ILS signal seems to be working as it should for that approach. You might run a quick approach using another aircraft and see if it still has the issue.

Well, it’s interesting. According to Fenix forum in their discord channel, they use Navigraph data for approaches - so, usually incorrect approach means that ARP (Aerodrome Reference Point) is wrong placed, so all scenery objects including GS and LOC beacons are placed in wrong positions too, and that bug (wrong ARP coordinates) was mentioned for plenty of default MSFS sceneries, even hand-crafted.

In the meantime, if aircraft does not use Navigraph data for approach (like default MSFS aircraft for example), the approach will be just fine as it’s based on “physical” placing of GS and/or LOC beacons within particular scenery.

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Well that’s interesting, if a little bit disconcerting! That would also account for other reports noted by users at other airports.
Thanks for that information!