LTFJ Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport Scenery

We have just released our first scenery project !
You can think this as a pre-release, so feel free to report bugs



It looks really nice so far. Already downloaded it (will try it tonight) and will keep it up to date as you guys evolve it.

PS: how did you achieve the region-appropriate parked traffic?

We haven’t :slight_smile: These are static aircrafts. We will remove them when an AI add on releases

Aaah I see :smiley:

Could I offer a suggestion? It’d be nice to have the option to install the airport without the aircraft, if possible.

We haven’t placed taxiway parkings where we have located static planes but we are going to add the version without static planes.
(We also don’t prefer static planes but we had a request about it :smiley: )

Thanks, much appreciated!

Thank you so much! I have just tested the airport and it’s awesome! Just one issue: during take off from runway 06 right after the threshold there is a bump on the surface which made my airbus jump in a nasty way…very dangerous :smiley: maybe you could “send someone to repair that bump” :wink: Greetings and keep up the excellent work! :blush:

Thank you for your feedback and glad to hear that you’ve enjoyed it :slight_smile: We’re aware about that issue and trying to fix it. It will be fixed in future updates :+1:

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Looks really great. Thanks for the effort. It’s my home base so can’t tell how happy I am :slight_smile: Are there any future plans for Turkish fields ? It will be great if you can create some of the VFR fields of the country :wink:

Glad you liked it :smiley: We are currently working on LTFM, but we may add new fields such as Corlu, Aydin Cildir. Our main goal is to finish LTFM first

The bump has been repaired and the scenery is updated :smiley:

Woaw, you said LTFM !! Wonderful. Also hearing Çorlu and Aydın makes me excited as well. Waiting some other good news from you then. A small idea for yoy: You may announce your projects on some Turkish Virtual Aviation Forums to make it heard by much more people. I believe most of them not following this site :wink:

@OrthoPainter897 wow this is fast maintenance. You are awesome! Will do some flights and post screenshots…Wished someone would do similar for OIII…Greetings and thank you! :heart:

Tried it out. Works pretty good. Even taxiing (ATC) is fine. Ground service works. All aids are there. The ground textures (taxi and apron) could get some upgrading. But it is beta anyway…

Nice work so far!!!

Changlelogs V0.91

-Static airplanes have been removed
-Taxiway signs corrected
-Jetway locations are corrected
-Elevation issues on both runway and taxiways are fixed
-Ground Markings improved


Glad you liked it :slight_smile: This project will get updates in the future

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Would be great to see some screenshots from community :slight_smile: Thank you for your feedbacks :+1:t2: