Lukla airport with Himalaya mesh by orbx cause error in terrain near take off and landing zone

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Installing Himalya mesh cause terrain near lukla to be incorrect

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9900k 3080ti

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This is an Asobo problem from SU9. ORBX needs to fix their mesh in response I think but I’m not sure. Either way if you delete the ORBX temporarily then you should be ok.

Hi @Luigipsi,
You would need to contact Orbx about this.

Hi there,
I moved your thread to Third Party Addon Discussion, as Orbx is involved. In the future, please use this category for anything regarding third-party products.

As mentioned, it would be best to report it directly to Orbx. Here is a link for their support forums.

Thank you…i wrote to orbx…they said that is a problem from su9 hotfix…they will try to fix it