Lvfr a320 ceo

Sounds nice! :smiley: i hope they add announcements

I read they are working on that. They are definately not done yet, but i believe first they make their other aircraft on par with this A320 CEO via updates the coming weeks.

Thanks. I hope they make it removable in the future, this is a dealbreaker for me.

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While it does use default A320 systems ( we dont all always want study level) its a CEO not a NEO


yeah, purchased it and and LVFR has made a great step forward !!:muscle::muscle::muscle:

by the way i also love my little 318 !!! :grin::grin::grin:

i do not use a310, to much time spent in computing for me .

LVFR goes the good way with little more detailed and complex settings . i like the way it goes to give more realism without spend to much time on the ground

nethertheless, i have noticed some little strange details, default camera position doesn’t look centered , turn left slightly

and zoom settings have been reduced compared with A319/a318 . do not know if it’s normal

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They are movable yes, clickable.


Can anyone tell me if the Dual Autopilot is available on this aircraft. Or is it just the same as the standard version.

For now same as standard version.

Does this have simbrief integration?

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I’d also like to know this too…

Not yet, I believe in a future update it will.

It doesn’t.

But it looks like your on PC, you’d be much better off getting the Fenix.

This was built for the XBOX users.

Hello, does someone know if the logitech panels, at least the autopilot panel, work with the plane ?

And how is the fps compared with the asobo a320 ?

Thank you.

Anyone know is this is worth buying, based on their previous A320 ceo family models? I’m aware it isn’t ‘study-level’ but the exterior looks pretty good to me. However the cabin and wing views look a bit poor, even if they do have animated pax/crew.

Presumably this is just a different skin for the base Asobo A320neo, and it flies identically?

One addition I do like the sound of is the tablet controlling ground services, although it’s a bit ambiguous as to whether it’s just the default services or something more special.

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We are planning on doing this eventually. We are still concentrated on the basic systems, once we are done with that we will look into that integration.

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I wrote you a pm with some bugs i have found. But all in all a nice plane, keep it up👍

A lover of all they have done, bought this today excited… But this one so far is a miss, nothing great about it yet, okay some hings work, but all variant struggle to climb, it wobbling all over the place. Don’t become CS2

Thank you, we read your post.

please post here for support issues as we don’t check these forums for people with issues

struggle to climb, can you tell us which to altitude and how did you set your autopilot to climb?

You get full door and stairs control



Air con unit

Baggage loader

Passenger light and animated passenger toggles

It’s pretty comprehensive.

Just one thing to be aware of, don’t attempt to select the request weather search field because it opens the on screen xBox keyboard that locks out all other peripherals. (It’s a wider known bug)

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