LVFR A330-900neo First Impressions

yeah from my recent airline flying ( Not 330 but 737 and 320) 2000 to 20k is ok above that VS will drop off significantly 1600 maybe over ambitious . in a almost fully laden 737 at times i was at 500 fpm climb near the top, the same with speed i switch to mach at 28k and usually limit to 0.74

Hello everybody,

After the update fixed many of my errors, I now find that I cannot steer the aircraft’s nose wheel with my joystick. Does anyone have a solution for me. Thanks in advance. Greetings Birger

just a little help

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How is the new update for all? I have some slight yawing during high speed taxi/takeoff roll always to one side.

Anyone else facing this issue?

I took a flight after the update and besides some issues with the nose wheel steering it was a great flight from KMSP to CYWG. BTW, I noticed many problems
with the CYWG airport. I fly on the Xbox X so can’t wait for an update. Will try something longer now.

Thx to the crew at LVFR and Richie81 for your help!

Took a longer fight from MSP to LAX and all was fine.