LVFR A330-900neo First Impressions

I bought LEMD last night. I know what to expect from LVFR airports because now i have all of them. Was it worth the 8 euro’s? At that price, yes. Mildly upgrade from the Asobo one with some interior and city landmarks. You are right, approaches at LEMD are not over the city, like Miami for example.

About the A330. I really like their A320 catalogue, and have all of them except the A318. Point is, I’m not into long-haul anymore. My ideal flights are 1.5 to 2.5 Hrs. How are you using the A330?

I don’t do long-haul either. On the rare occasions I do, I advance the sim rate to x3 and get on with other stuff for the bulk of the flight.

Currently I’m using the 339 on European summer charter routes, such as EKCH-LEPA or EDDF-LEMG. Old 332 routes I fully expect the 339 will at some stage end up doing in between its long-haul gigs.

Been playing around with it and with a reduced weight it performs more in line with my expectations. I’m assuming, therefore, that the higher-than-expected airspeed on finals when heavy is a feature of the real aircraft. Still can’t get any of the GSE to function, though — might try exiting the beta and reverting to SU14, to see if that makes a difference. It also behaves weirdly when you spawn in mid-air at a custom waypoint, going into an immediate stall/bank.

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Pretty good idea. Act like it’s a 320 or 737. To be clear, the cockpit etc flight dynamics etc it’s a lot different then their 320 range? I could use something else you know.

Real silly question :I never used the Sim accelerator. How to use it?

Very different to the 32X. They had nothing default to base the 339 off so it’s a clean-sheet design and I think they’ve done a great job. The external model is study-level quality, as is the cabin. Flightdeck has similarities with the 32X, as you’d expect, but it’s been modelled from the real 339 cockpit. The systems aren’t study-level but they’re not too far off.

The biggest difference is on approach, where it exhibits a higher AOA and greater airspeed than the 32X. Just like in real life. It feels like you’re flying a heavy!

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Thx man. I think I’m gonna buy it tonight, especially when I can use the Sim rate😂

Their A340 is next BTW…

I was gonna wait for Aerosoft’s A330s but they’re many months away now, as per the recent announcement.

For £20, I think LVFR’s is great. Not perfect, but certainly good value.

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I’ve flown into it IRL. It is a lighter concrete for sure. Unrealistic probably wasn’t the right word. It just doesnt quite match real world. And I just dont think it looks good. And that does not look like the current KFLL in your image. Wonder if it’s an old pic or something

Do you own it in the sim?

Not yet. Thinkin’ about it since it’s pretty cheap. I just googled pictures. That one is from the Wiki site for the airport.

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Neither A330 is study level. For a start, the Headwind VC is the A320 it is based on, not the A330. Quite a lot doesn’t work (though probably more than in the LVFR). The LVFR at least has a realistic A330 VC. Another problem I’ve noticed with the Headwind is the external model. The trailing edge flap animation is incorrect (the flaps simply deflect downwards, in the real thing they also translate rearwards). This makes the aircraft look very odd with flaps extended.

The Headwind is at least freeware, and according to real world A330 pilot Emi’s review on Youtube, flies rather well. LVFR charge $35 for their A330neo, which is far too much for a low fidelity simulation.