LVFR Airport Quality?

Good morning forum,

Just looking for general feedback on LVFR’s airport’s and if they are worth buying?



For MSFS I only own LEBL and TJSJ. Had KMIA for XP11.
Accettable/Good level but don’t expect FlyTampa’s quality.

If Bredok was 1 and FlyTampa 10, then I would give LVFR 7 :slight_smile: I like their airports and I own them all except LEMD and KFLL. Worth buying.

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Overall, they are really pretty good — agree with the 7 average if Fly Tampa is a 10. Some of them are definitely better than others. TJSJ and KMIA could use a little love considering they are pretty important airports. KMSY and LEBL look better.

Their KFLL is disgustingly done… I wouldn’t buy their KFLL. KMIA on the other hand looks good, KMSY is ok etc.

Thanks Folks,

Think I’ll steer clear.

KMIA, LEBL, and KSAN are good enough. There are also no alternatives so i say go ahead and buy those. KMSY I regret buying even on sale.

I only have LEBL and tereminal textures are flickering at least at night.
I only can fly at day.
Some people are reporting that is a TAA issue, but I don’t have this massive flickering in other 3rd party sceneries.

I like that KMSY even though it’s not their best work. Still way better than the default airport.

They are really good value:

I have New Orleans, Madrid, Barcelona, Miami, Miami Hollywood, San Diego and Santiago.

All work and look great and you usually always get some nice bonuses like extra landmarks thrown in.

I’m a fan at that price point

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Yes, I agree with you. I don’t know why the OP steered clear of LVFR when they mostly get a positive feedback.

No one told you to steer clear. Most reviews are better than average. They are a solid company when it comes to their scenery products.

I always wondered why they never did KSNA

Want to look for value for money, spending £20 for an addon nowadays ONLY make sense if you look at Las Vegas for example, FlyTampa goes the extra mile. Pricing was ridiculous (and I do develop myself) for all tier of fields, LVFR has been around a bit and it is not bad :slight_smile: