LVFR LEBL causing CTD after T/O in SU10?

Hello everyone

Lately ive already done multiple flights in su10 from different airports and didnt have any issue. However when i take off from LEBL (the payware airport from LVFR) the simulator just CTD, but when i load into the airport and taxi, everything is fine, the CTD is literally right after take-off.

Does anyone else have issues with this airport?

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Hi there,
Sorry to hear. It might help to let everyone know that you’re on the MS Store version. I know that some people have been having CTDs with some third-party scenery and airports on Xbox.

Also, I moved your post to Third Party > Airports. The Scenery category is for things like landmarks, mesh, and POI packs.

Bought MSFS on Steam and LEBL on Marketplace.
When taking off 24R directly, there were no problems with LVFR Airport.

No, no problems at, took off one hour ago from 6R in a PMDG 37-800 to Ibiza …
Win11, SU10, DX11

@CaptainKiekYogi @Chris002800 Alright, thanks guys! i think i fixed it by deleting rolling cache :slight_smile: