LVFR Static Aircraft problem

Just downloaded the LVFR static aircraft package from the marketplace. Aircraft look great BUT whenever I spawn cold and dark at an airport gate my plane is on top of a piece of static scenery. Two planes on top of one another. What am I missing? Almost impossible to start from a gate they don’t have a plane at already.

Go to there support sight and report the problem your having, there great about reworking some airport where there is a conflict.

Yeah… I knew this was going to happen at some point unless they do it properly.
Placing a static aircraft is not about placing static objects at the gate. They have to manually open and reworked the airports and disable the gates that they want to add the statics to. It’s why I don’t like using this…

They should only keep a few gates open and selectable, that make it look like the airport has a lot of empty blank patches of where gates are suppose to be. Without doing this, no one could know which gates are used by the statics, and even so, the Ground Aircraft sliders would overlap with them as well since the gates are technically “free” even if there’s a static aircraft on top of it.

I prefer this :laughing:

Yeah…I ended up removing the pack. Just wish I knew about this before purchase. Can’t say I was delighted by developers response either. Usually love their stuff but they should warn about this limitation in the marketing text so you know pre-purchase.

I really enjoy having the real liveries on planes but you can’t leave from most gates as you spawn on his planes, as well when you taxing to gates/parking their planes are in your spots.
Very disappointing, waste of money. Buyer beware
Rating this a 1/5 , hopefully they can figure out a solution.

I gave it the same. I actually understand the technical limitation that causes this BUT not really reasonable to sell something with a limitation like this and not disclose it.

The solution is actually easy but it’s easier said than done, just remove the gates/parking parameters on the gates that they use to place the static aircrafts.

For example, if the airport has 50 gates to choose from. And they place 40 static aircrafts. Just disable the 40 gates that they use the static aircrafts on, and that only allows you 10 gates available for you to pick in the world map. The other 40 is just nothing, no white dots to click on, and they won’t appear in the drop down list.

But this requires an actual edit of the airports themselves. Now for standard freeware content airports, it’s easy to do, because they can just duplicate the airport content place the static aircrafts and repackage the entire airport and deploy it. But it’s also subject to future updates. If Asobo updates the freeware airports, they have to redo the whole process, repackage, and redeploy as an update.

For payware airports. This is probably almost impossible to do, since the airport contents are encrypted so you can’t really make changes or edits to the gate assigments or availability on the airport parameters themselves. They could only place objects as world objects that gets superimposed onto the airport. But that’s going to be the problem.

Should be an easier way I would imagine. But only if they have access to game code.
You have to choose a gate/parking spot when you choose an airport for landing/leaving from an airport, so the game would then have that part coded. They just need to then say not to have their product spawn at that location.
But I’m not a programmer.


It would really be great if I could only see which gates were available in the world map, as well as having a parking spot upon arrival. It’s like trying to find a parking stall at a shopping mall during the holiday season 3 years ago.

I still like and continue to use the product though. I can accept the necessary compromises until another simple to install product becomes an option.

Yeah, that’s not how this work. The Static aircraft is about placing an object. And this object is static. Think of it like a building. They always exist, and they don’t move. So we can’t have these “buildings” dynamically spawn or despawn when you overlap them. The MSFS engine just doesn’t do that.

A better solution is to actually improve the spawning engine for ground aircrafts. Instead of randomly pulling out from the livery collection. Get the aircraft parking codes ready, and only spawn aircraft liveries on gates that has a matching Parking code between the parking/gate properties and the livery. We already have the field available in the livery structure and the airport parking structure. We just need the engine to use it.

That way, if we have specific gates with only a parking code for “AFR” then only liveries with the same parking code of “AFR” would be able to spawn on it. And ATC will also direct you to those gates with the same “AFR” parking if you’re flying with “AFR” liveries.

That way, we always have correct liveries spawning in correct gates and terminal. And it’s dynamic using the same dynamic mechanism as the ground aircraft slider. If you spawn on a gate, the ground aircraft will never spawn at the same spot as you, and you can adjust how few or many ground aircrafts that you want. Rather than fixed amount that the static aircraft does.

Now the challenge here is how to determine the parking for Domestic/International flights. For some airports, you can have a dedicated domestic terminal where every single gate parameter in that terminal can use the same parking code for one airline. But that same airport could also have a dedicated International terminal for that same airline. That’s when the parking code matching could be an issue because there’s a risk that you can get assigned to a domestic terminal while you’ve just completed an international flight, even though it goes to a matching airline gate/parking.

One way to do it is to add an additional metadata to the airport gate parameter, a flag to determine whether this is an international “I” gate or domestic “D” gate. But the IFR flight plan also needs a flag in there as well to determine whether this is an International/Domestic flight plan. Then the engine simply have to match the flight plan with the gate, plus matching the airline parking code. And that should give us the correct gate assignment.

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I think I have an easy potential solution. What it they simply avoided placing a static aircraft at some pattern of gate numbers? If they just avoided gates which were prime numbers, or even, or divisible by some number it would make it easier to spawn at a gate without a static plane.

so when we have to pick a gate, we have to manually calculate whether it is a prime number or divisible by a certain number, or if it’s an odd and even number?

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There was an update for this add on, while it does not completely fix the problem it seems that at least we can use it now. It appears that they moved where the aircraft spawn and are now off to the side. So starting from a gate you will be right beside it. Yes, on larger jets such as the 787 you get a little bit of clipping but I was able to do a cold start and also other services such as baggage, food cart, terminal ramp, etc.

Not perfect but I bring my rating up to a 3/5

This shot is from Miami Intl gate 47 , I was able to cold start, get all ground services, taxi, take off. Still need to test some more

“Wait… what are you doing, step-airplane?”

Lol :rofl:

Here was my assigned parking on another flight. Maybe they can move the planes over a little more?
I will try tomorrow with a larger jet and assigned gate.

I dunno. Still think they should figure out a way to avoid certain gates that we can pick. There has to be a better way.

Agreed but at least it’s is functional ??? …kinda.
But yes…it does need to be improved as per suggestion

Had a good flight today, had my own gates on both takeoff and landing. Philadelphia to Atlanta

Also a nice surprise leaving Andrews air base

I didn’t even know these military aircraft is within the scope of the LVFR Static aircraft. Or the small GA aircraft as well. I thought it only covers Airliners.

I also noticed you’re using the default Taxi ribbon. If you want a more subtle taxi ribbon look that is green that blends well with the taxiway centrelights, feel free to use this mod as well.

That mod would be great,unfortunately not available on Xbox.