M2 SSD Port Question

Hi everyone,

Question for the tech-heads here - As I’m a little out of touch with a bit of the changes to modern computing technology I figured I’d reach out and ask this here.

I’m in the process of obtaining parts for a new build PC. I’ve ordered myself a Samsung 2TB 970 Evo Plus m2 SSD.

The motherboard I’ve purchased is a Gigabyte Z490 Vision D and the i9 10900K is on its way with the courier.

The Z490 Vision D has 3 m2 slots:

My question for those who might be able to provide some insight:

Which port/socket is the best to load the m2 SSD into. This will probably end up being my primary drive with the OS and MSFS On - Is there any advantage of using the CPU Socket over the Southbridge socket? The motherboard manual and the information I’ve searched through Google seems a bit vague about which I should use? My guess would be to use the CPU socket but I’d like some further information.

I also have a couple of SATA SSD’s I’ll be loading in.
Samsung 840 Evo 250GB
Samsung 850 Evo 500GB
Depending on the information I receive, I may even put MSFS on the 500GB SATA, or Keep MSFS on the M2 and put the Cache on the 500GB.

If you need any further information from me to help provide an answer or guidence from me - Please don’t hesitate to ask!


usually the MB manufacturer recommended the one closest to your CPU socket, which is the fastest. Refer to your motherboard manual for more info.

Keep your VMem on the fastest drive also.