M2 ssd

Hello all,

Due to what evidently was a Trojan, I will have to reinstall from the store tomorrow borrowing my computer guy’s broadband. Intend to put it on a M2 which I believe will result in faster loads.



PS experience: since Apple had the first sim so long ago I forget + Amiga + FSX+ P3D + 8000 hours in B-52D, 707, 172, AA-1, etc.

Don‘t know if you notice a difference between a SATA SSD and a NVME M2.
Mine is installed on a separate NVME M2 and I guess it wouldn’t be a noticeable change because the sim is a huge bottleneck.

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On paper, a NVME M2 dive is significantly faster than a SATA SSD.

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I use Samsung 970 Pro 1 TB M.2 SSD that I use both for OS and MSFS. It’s decent enough for me.


It should be good enough for anyone !!! its a nvme-m2 as opposed to a sata-m2


A few weeks ago I upgraded from a SATA SSD to an M.2 SSD; while the drive is faster, it didn’t make significant changes to my MSFS performance. Maybe a little snappier at load time, but not really noticeably.

(Mostly it has higher capacity, so I no longer constantly worry about running out of space due to MSFS updates and add-ons. :wink: )