M20 Ovation Carenado

Anyone having trouble landing this payware plane? Everything else is really good but on landing, the plane just skids across the runway every time and crashes. None of the default planes do this. Please help as I like the performance just not the landing

Nope, landing is fine for me.
I assume you are using the default “Modern” flight model settings. IT progably won’t work if you made MSFS use the FSX flight model.

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Honestly I was pleasantly surprised with how well this plane handled even from its launch. I can’t say I’ve had any issues with it (aside from the global ghost cockpit issue which seems to be resolved after 1.9.5).

What are your approach speeds looking like?

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I have been flying it A LOT. Not a single crash.

My approach speed is between 50 and 70 knots

Yes I am using the Modern settings. I am thinking that maybe the problem is in the config of my flight stick

From memory approach is 70…over the keys is 60

It is actually very realistic. I used to own a Mooney M20F in real life. It’s a very sleek and slippery plane. You have to plan ahead of time to ensure you bleed off the speed. And I find the speed brakes very helpful.


No issues here. She’s a joy to fly!

Is it when you use the rudder by chance?
I see lot of ytubers that seem to use default sensitivity and this will lead to massive oversteering on the ground. If so, set sensitivity to -66% and i would also recommend to limit the maximum travel by using an external joystick calibration tool like joystick gremlin.

This video helped me a lot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hnFt4vGmm7s

A final approach speed between 70 and 75 knots works well for me.

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No it happens even when not using the rudder even on the ground ant 5 knots. It darts left and right all over the runway

No problem here…

Resetting the center of gravity forward can work wonders too (in flightmodel.cfg) file. That’s what I do when a plane slips more than other planes do in the same circumstances. (i.e. move the station loads forward by rearranging the loads).