Mach 9 in the Darkstar tutorial

Hey folks - big fan of the new Top Gun expansion.

I initially found the Darkstar a bit confusing, but I’ve made a quick tutorial here on how to configure the aircraft for Mach 9!


Thanks. Just what I was looking for


in top gun challenge absolutely same what are you doing. so, what the point?

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Hey there - yep, I used the mission as a guide. The reason I made the video is I found the mission a) a bit too long, but b) wasn’t always clear in places. It felt easier to just demonstrate for folks who want to get straight to enjoying the aircraft.


Thanks for the video I was hoping someone would make one. Appreciate it!

Next I’d love to see how to navigate at mach 9 :wink:

Its nice to fly long routes in minutes, but what is it worth, when I have to “guess” directions…

Or did i miss something and is there a GPS where I can have directions to my destination airport?

Also, in case people haven’t tinkered around to find it, if you press the 3rd green button from the left above the MFD


It will pull up the flight profile and steps to acheive Mach 9 and 100k+ altitude.


Yes. If you set up a plan on the world map (I just picked a departure and arrival airport, IFR route, left the rest at default), you will have a GPS path shown on one of the displays. You can zoom in/out with “touch screen” arrows on the display.

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I’m yet to be able to see the glide scope indicator. Does this exist on the DarkStar? I’ve entered the ILS frequency and set it active.