Main Thread Affinity Mask

I have seen in this forum that one feature from FSX is also available on MSFS, the Affinity Mask.
That’s nice, but since nowdays software is heavily multithreaded, we need something more, we need to do it at Thread Level.

I’m sure Asobo is aware of this, because for the XBox version, they must be playing with affinitys, since consoles have all the same hardware and software, it’s easy to make fine tunning of the affinity for the developers, but on PC is imposible for them.
So since I think they can’t do it automatically, I ask they give the option to advanced users to play with it.

So beside the actual AffinityMask option, I’m asking for a MainTheadAffinityMask parameter, so we can reserve one core for the main thread, one core for the SO, and the rest of cores for the rest of Threads from MSFS so the MainThread will not have interruptions, neither cache fails because being bounced between cores.

I think that could improbe the FPS in many cases.


If Asobo/Microsoft have found a way to do this automacally on PC it would be even better, but I doubt it would be posible without causing innestability on some systems.

where is the file to edit for the affinity mask ? because I’ve the same problem with my main thread. thanks

You have to add it to FlightSimulator.CGF

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For me no effect :confused::disappointed:

End-users shouldn’t need to adjust affinity mask. If we do, then it means the application code or the operating system code wasn’t optimized or functioning properly. It is my opinion that this is probably just another snake oil remedy which doesn’t actually improve anything.

AFAIK, Windows is not optimized at all for it, and MSFS neither. Normally this happens only in consoles, because it’s easy since all have the same identical processor.

Playing with afinity I have reached to make some Matlab workflows 4 times faster in a 4 core machine.

It’s very dangerous playing with it, becaise you can make a process starve and instead of improving, you’ll get worst results, but sometimes it can make you improve a lot.

Think I’ll file this one in the draw along with turning the lights off gets you an extra 10fps :roll_eyes::rofl:

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