Majestic Dash-8 Q400 to be developed for MSFS, waiting for SDK improvements

It may be by the time they get their stuff together, their product will no longer be needed. Someone may come around with a quality Q400. In the meantime, I can enjoy theirs on P3D.

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PSS has develloped a DashQ300 for FS2002/2004. There also was a Freeware version for FS2020 but with the CJ4 cockpit (it was originally for FSX) but no longer compatible with the latest FS SIM Update6. :-/ Anayway it was only a interims solution until there is a good payware for FS2020.

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Pmdg can develope for msfs but not majestic. Maybe its because pmdg deliver less complicated addons than majestic? lmao.

Anyone has seen news from Majestic Q400 ?

no…still hoping …

Looks like Majestic is running dead last to get the Dash8 airworthy in MSFS2020. Fortunately I still fly it in P3Dv5.

Just purchased the Visual update . I was not aware if it until now.

there seems to be something to be hopeful for, check this

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From the linked article, this is positive news…

ye i agree, although im a bit cautious about phrases like that. does it imply things concerning the state of the sdk, the start of the develepoment or the developement of the plane?

Update on the progress:

Ladies & Gentlemen, we would like to announce, we have a “Hello, World!”

(p.s. already on my shopping list)

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Update on Majestic forum confirming Q400 development for MSFS and then Dash 8-300.

Still quite a way to go in terms of development so we shouldn’t expect it soon, great to see the positive confirmation though :grin:


Superb! She was one of my favourites in FSX (and I loved the 300 in FS9 as well). Thanks for the heads up.

If I did understand it correctly, they are merely porting over the existing code of their Q400 into MSFS.
I don’t see that working for them. I would rather wait longer and have a completely new Q400 built from scratch than going for a mediocre product which may come faster.
If they are not rebuilding the visual model to MSFS standards they will end up like Leonardo with their MD80 which got stuck in the year 2010.

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and rewriting the gauges, it does look like that, the proof however will be in the execution, my experience so far of Majestic product is that they don’t so far release inferior items.

I’ll be amazed if they don’t do a total visual refresh. That’s the easiest part by a country mile.

Witness the army of ‘Hey guys I’m developing a study level Space Shuttle complete with every single system functional. So far I’ve 3d modelled one panel’ types.

And then we never hear from them again.

I hope so too. I thoroughly enjoyed their Q400 for P3D.
However, so far Leonardo also didn’t release inferior products until the MSFS port of their MD80. I am worried that Majestic will jump onto the same train.

I agree but the MADDOG’S release better than waiting.

Agreed I won’t buy either for that reason