Major Compatibility Issues with the Razer Turret Official K&M on Xbox One/Series Consoles

I recently picked up a Razer Turret from the Microsoft Store in preparation for the launch of Microsoft Flight Sim 2020. After playing the game, I figured it would be much easier to use the game with a K&M due to all the small knobs and buttons in the aircrafts.

It’s a peripheral listed on the official Xbox website as a recommended peripheral for MSFS and the “go to” Keyboard and Mouse combo for the game.

However, it has a major compatibility/accessibility with the game, as the Keyboard is a TKL (TenKeyLess), meaning it does not have a numpad. The issue is the entire aircraft is controller by the numpad on the keyboard as set by Asobo, meaning the game is virtually unplayable, as you cannot control the aircraft in anyway (rudder, ailerons, yolk, pitch/yaw etc). There is always key rebinding, but it becomes a remapping nightmare with the omission of missing keys, and the vast amount of settings in the game. I cant even make binds that combine multiple keys either, making the Razer Turret a $400 paperweight for the game.

This is a massive oversight considering it’s listed as an official accessory for the game on, but in this state it’s virtually unplayable. I hope Asobo and/or Microsoft can add a preset for the Razer Turret, or any TKL keyboard for that matter, so that players don’t have to go through the mess of trying to rebind the entire Keyboard’s functionality. This should be a plug and play accessory without the need for buying another additional accessory (Wireless Numpad).

I’d love to even get a HOTAS/Flight Stick later down the line, but reading the massive thread on the T-Flight HOTAS for Xbox also having some pretty major issues it’s safe to say I won’t be buying anymore peripherals until the glaring issues with all the official Xbox peripherals are fixed.

I did submit submit a ticket through support, but haven’t received any response. I’ve seen countless threads about the issue as well, with zero developer input on the problem. While K&M may not be the “best” way to control the aircraft, if Microsoft and Asobo are going to advertise the Razer Turret as the official K&M combo for Flight Sim on Xbox, it needs to work as it should put of the box without any major compatibility issues such as this. Wether a Keyboard and Mouse is the best way to fly the aircraft compared to a controller/Yolk is a different story altogether, but if Asobo/Microsoft fail to fix this issue and continue to disregard the issue exists, and refuse to add this issue to the “Known Issues” list on their Zendesk, then firstly Microsoft/Asobo should NOT be advertising the peripheral for Flight Sim on Xbox and remove it from the official accessories list, or add a major disclaimer that a separate Wireless/USB Numpad will be required for purchase to play this game on the Razer Turret.

If nothing on the subject matter is said before my return period ends, I will be forced to return the Razer Turret right back to the Online Microsoft Store it was purchased from.

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