Major Fps drop when zooming world map

when zooming map i get 10 fps bad performance

I noticed something similar too, but could not recreate it after restarting the game.

IIRC, I was clicking on search and it didnt give me the cursor. After a bit it did, and I noticed the FPS drop.

I wasnt zoomed though. Cant recall if I zoomed before I noticed.

This doesnt even need zooming. I just opened the map now from a clean start. And bam. < 10 FPS.

Edit: If I let it run a little, it settles on 20 FPS


Update: Going into flight it returns to normal, but returning to main menu, the ‘manipulators’ just kick in.

Update 2: Happens every time I start the game now.

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Good im not alone. Overall i got bad fps specially with vr i am looking deep in to it.

Thanks for awnsering :airplane:

Same here. And now it’s stabilized over 30 FPS. Usually is at 144 FPS. But since last update I had this issues.

try turning off “Online Functionality”, I also have terrible performance in the menu (sometimes even in game) with very low CPU utilisation, and by turning off “Online Functionality”, the FPS come back again, IDK what this issue is, I’d like to fly with online functionality haha

Created an account to say that this fixed my issue. Have been having problems on and off when in the menu (before going to world map) and also in game where the FPS would drop from 25 down to 7 and sometimes slightly go up to 12. Looked at the FPS counter and it was locked on main thread & manipulators.

Turned off Online Functionality as you suggested and bang - back up to 25. Interestingly I also turned off each individual option but it still was bad so there’s obviously something that Online Functionality is doing that isn’t one of the things listed…

yes, same here :frowning:

Same here since last update fps goes from stable 40s to 5fps in map or menu. (Same happens flying over london o randomly in the game)
Turning off online funcionality and fps goes back to normal.