Major FPS drop

With my PC running all night and my E3 20s sitting at Heathrow, the FPS is at about eight when I woke up this morning.

I’ve noticed that this happens, particularly at busy airports. What’s going on? Is it happening to you guys also? What can I do in my settings to prevent this?

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I would do cache clearing and a fresh restart. That seems to help most people.:+1:t2:

That does not help when this happens in a middle of a long flight.

There should be a way to “Clear” this condition when flying, or better still, stop it from happening in the 1st place.

Of course, the first step is to determine what it is happening and what is causing it, and this may well be only something that only Asobo can determine when running the sim in a non-protected DEGUG mode.

Its usually weather for me…it builds a cache…i move it to clear skies for 5 secs then back to live almost always clears up


THANK YOU !! I’ll try that next time my sim comes to a screaming 5FPS halt !!

My home airfield is EGWN and I used to get 60 FPS there, now I get the mid to low thirties… but almost anywhere else in the world I get 60 if not more, it maybe something to do with the UK world update not being optimized ?

Last week I was getting good playable FPS, this week I loaded up and im getting 5fps, was there a small update ? After SU7 I had to go and turn off all the help ■■■■, yet they had all turned on first time i loaded this week. maybe a hotfix that has stuffed something up for some of us ?

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Try this I had the same and @Grabber523 gave me some useful tips which worked a dream!

There’s another topic where people seem to have found a ‘magic’ ref setting that seems to help quite a few simmers having this issue. Please look for yourself if this does the trick for you too.