Make a real twin flight model

Please make a real twin flight modelling when one engine is running.

Not sure what you are asking for with this. I love twins and that is why I went with the deluxe version, to get the Beechcraft Baron twin.

What I mean is you can start each engine separately and once both are running, kill just one of them (pull back on the mixture to full cut off). You can then give full mixture and restart the engine. So, again not sure what you are asking for.

I have other issues with the Baron (the autopilot issues) but they are being addressed hopefully.

I did not mean start and switch off the engines on the ground. I meant when you loose engine in the air, then you have to press the rudder pedals and make aileron adjustment as well, otherwise you fall down soon in real aircraft. In FS2020 you do not have to do anything, which is not real at all. The same as old FSX with old flight modeling.


well, in slight defense of this, the baron doesn’t adjust fuel flow with the mixture lever at all…its either working or cutoff…fuel flow is in direct relation to engine rpm and altitude…mixture has no effect on fuel burn, but lack of leaning also doesn’t seem to be detrimental to performance either

Hello, I am a real flight instructor with FAA’s CFIME ratings, etc. “UppishPaladin9” is right! When you lose an engine in a twin ( or you pull the mixture back all the way to shut off an engine), you get asymmetric thrust, which makes the airplane yaw and roll toward the dead engine! Pilot has to compensate with rudder on the live engine and then a bit of aileron, get rid of drags, flaps, gear, and maintain airspeed of VYSE (blue line), best rate of climb single engine to get the best performance out of the plane which has lost an engine! Otherwise the plane with one engine dead will get out of control if if slows below MCA, minimum controllable airspeed! The MSFS 2020 does not behave like a real twin losing an engine at all! X-Plane 11 has corrected for this scenario and there is no reason MSFS 2020 can’t correct this aerodynamic error!
MSFS 2020 is great Please correct it! ATC also needs to be corrected to reflect realities in real life with pilot and ATC misc. interactions.

Thank you in advance!


totally right and the most recent changes to the flight model are appalling. I killed the mixture and engine and had to put about 50% rudder authority in to keep the ball centered (ok, not perfect, but acceptable) and reduced airspeed on approach with flaps and gear out fully. Oh good god was it terrible. The aircraft wouldn’t bank into the engine at all (right on), but the VMCA (measured by the inability to maintain wings level and maintain heading) matched the stall speed with both engines running at 58kias instead of 74kias according to POH. Also, after feathering the prop, the engine never stopped windmilling, so proper prop friction isn’t simulated either.

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