Make cars turn smoothly

Would love to see cars turn smoothly instead of snap into directions.

If we can have that in the upcoming patches we’re getting to a sweet spot

Agree, cars are so unrealistic in this sim, airport vehicles however drive smoothly.

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Agree they need work, but can we agree this should be literally the very last thing they work on, please. lol


Hi there,
I have made your post only about making cars turn smoothly. We try to keep only one topic open per request, and one request per topic, as documented on the Wishlist page:

This topic has an existing Wishlist topic:

You may wish to vote for it and leave your feedback on that thread.

allright no problem, voted on the other post.
Thanks mate

Uggh, so sorry. I discovered a much more popular topic on headlights. I will have to close the above topic and point you to another one. Sorry about this!

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hahah no problem, it can get hectic in the forum.
there are many similar posts to one and other :stuck_out_tongue:

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Sorry for the delay. Here’s the topic on headlights and tail lights I should have pointed you to last week. You may want to cast a vote for this one, too. :slight_smile: