Make cars turn smoothly

Would love to see cars turn smoothly instead of snap into directions.

If we can have that in the upcoming patches we’re getting to a sweet spot

Agree, cars are so unrealistic in this sim, airport vehicles however drive smoothly.

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Agree they need work, but can we agree this should be literally the very last thing they work on, please. lol


Cars do behave strangely. Like most things at ground level in MSFS they look good at 1000+feet but not so good up close

I love MSFS 2020 and have spent many hours flying in the simulator! I think it’s amazing! But, nothing has been killing the “immersion” more than seeing a car traveling along at quite a good clip and instantly bouncing off the end of a street. It makes me laugh how cartoon looking this behavior is. Could the vehicle not just stop at the intersection? Maybe even slow down a little? Let it sit there and maybe even have some cars lineup behind it? Then just dissolve the car after 30 seconds? By then, I would have flown past, and don’t really care. Another thing, they all appear to be speeding down residential streets. Where are all the traffic cops pulling these crazy drivers over? Slow it down some! I do think there are some improvements since release, the cars seem to have a fuzziness and smoothness that looks a little more realistic. But, there is room for improvement for road vehicle traffic in MSFS 2020. It’s the biggest flaw for me right now. The simulator still rocks!

  1. More stopped/slowed cars on roads simulating the real traffic. I can’t recall seeing a single traffic jam.
  2. Slowing down and variable traffic speed. Where are the grandma drivers?
  3. Stop the ping-pong nonsense! That’s just silly.
  4. Stop cars at intersections and either fade them away after some time and generate a new vehicle, or just let them be. Maybe pull some new cars perpendicular to the street simulating a new car out of a driveway, or something?

I’ve watched the same blue sedan bounce back and forth in a cul-de-sac for 20 minutes. Poor guy can’t figure out how to get out of the neighborhood!

Rant over.
Thanks for the awesome game/simulator!!! I’m not going there. It is an awesome game and simulator! Fight me!

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Yea when the fuel truck parks inside my cockpit its super realistic.