Make it possible to turn off, or dial down the heat blur effect

This is not a bug per se, just a request I could not find as I was searching the forums.

The engine heat blur effect is not really realistic and it would be nice to have a setting to turn this down, or completely off.

For example on the A320 it looks strange/unrealistic in the cabin wing view. Part of the wing is jumping around.

Moved to #self-service:wishlist

Thank you for moving it to the correct place!

As i noticed when flying the a320neo, when i look out the window i can see the heat blur above the wing and in real life you can’t see that. It should be updated so heat blur is smaller or thinner. Another thing is that it doesn’t look very realistic its too gentle. When engines work harder there should be more heat haze in the distance than in just one place. Hopefully this issue gets resolved to add to the realism.