Make non-active monitors black

Is there a way to make all monitors other than the main one black? I like to pop out instruments onto multiple monitors but wallpapers are changing in the background which are taking away from the experience.

I don’t think this is possible out of the box with windows 10.

Manually change the desktop background to black/static picture.

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If your wallpapers are changing, you probably have the Windows 10 control panel setting on to rotate your wallpapers.

Please check the personalisation options.

MSFS does not have any option to control wallpapers.

I wasn’t looking for support on Windows to disable the wallpapers but thought maybe there was a feature that could be enabled to make all the other monitors black. I might be confusing this with a feature from FSX or other games I’m used to where the game would load in full screen and blackout all the other monitors.
If we could make this a feature that would be great.

I’ve moved this to the wishlist category here for you.

I guess maybe blacking out the other monitors could be an option, something that could be toggled on/off. But personally I like to have Little Navmap over on my right monitor along with Google Chrome & my head-tracking software. Over on the left monitor I have Discord, Steam & OnAir. MSFS sits on my Ultrawide center monitor. I like to have lots of stuff to look at & play with when I fly. I already have my desktop set to black so its just a matter of minimizing stuff if I want less distractions. Honestly I don’t think it should be the sims responsibility to declutter our desktops. But again, if its something that could be enabled/disabled then sure.

I feel like this is already under the control of the user, and personally I would not be impressed with any piece of software if I fire it up and all but the main monitor went black.

As already said you can choose to have a black background already.