Make rudder sensitivity axis for Xbox controller

Make rudder sensitivity adjustable for Xbox 1 controller on LT and RT axis.

This is certainly needed!

Currently the rudder and actuators for steering feel either fully ON or fully OFF, whichever way you steer.

Now for light aircraft this is supposedly accurate according to my dad (used to be a pilot), but a sensitivity adjustment would go a long way to making the experience of flying feel a little more ‘natural’ than ‘real’.

I voted for this even though I mapped rudder to my stick and the right / left view to the triggers. Coming from radio control aircraft that’s where rudder is mapped. It was just weird for me to try to apply rudder with the triggers.

Please add sensitivity slider to Xbox controller triggers. Yaw motion is way too sensitive by default.

completely agree with you, this is absurde that axis are customizable and not triggers, makes the rudder control pretty much terrible because sensitivity is way too high…

Yes, xbox controller for rudder control is very difficult to use as it is now.

Please add sensitivity slider to Xbox controller triggers. Yaw motion is way too sensitive by default.

the rudder is playing up when using triggers on taxi and air very annoying making it unable for smooth turns

It would be great if we could adjust their sensitivity. What I did was set my gamepad controls up like a north american rc pilot would. Rudder on the left stick and ail / elev on the right. To me that feels better than using the triggers for rudder.

We can now vote for this topic to be in the wishlist, please for those who feel concerned, do it…It’s been ages we are waiting for this bug to be fixed, each new updates there is silly stuffs that get thousand of votes, and we are only at 16 here, it will never get fixed if nobody pays attention…

I still don’t understand why this is standing, it should have been fixed in the first times, we are now months away from the release date, and we still can’t enjoy this sim with the xbox1 controller…Does anybody remember that this sim is actually supposed to release on xbox? I hope we won’t have to wait for the xbox release to see this bug fixed, come on, this is a microsoft sim, how can the microsoft controller can be configured this bad!

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@CaptNewton @AtomeEscargot85 This is alredy solved, isn´t?