Make the symbol disappear

Hi Guys,
is there a way to turn this symbol off?

Regards, ItsFuzzball6868

I believe it’s under the “Assistance” menu. It’s a navigational radio pointer which shows wayward points along your flight plan as you are flying. There’s also POI markers too (but have a different style icon).

I have also seen it when I had asked for taxi directions and subsequently take-off clearance with the taxi assist feature turned on.
Because I decided not to go all the way to end of the runway for take-off as suggested, it kept nagging me to go there until I landed at my destination and requested taxi to parking directions.


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I’ve seen that too, where I haven’t turned right onto a runway to cover that 30 feet of tarmac!

To solve this problem, they certainly need to move the runway endpoints to match the runway entry points on many airports - a simple fix, but a lot of work which would not have been necessary if they’d thought a bit longer about it in the first place.

Another instance of rushing to meet the release date?

Okay guys,
POI markers are OFF for me.
The only thing I still had on ON were the taxi markers. I turned it off and the annoying symbol was gone.
Even when I drive through the taxi marker to the end, the symbol disappears.

So thanks to everyone for your effort.

Regards, ItsFuzzball6868

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