Makes sense more than 60 hz monitor with FS2020?

To flight around 60 FPS in FS2020 will be a dream, smoothly enough. So makes sense to buy a 144 hz monitor?

Not sure what you are trying to ask.

Not unless you have a good enough system to run it ( ie manage to get over 60fps never mind 144fps ).

If you want to fly smoothly at 60fps, then use a 60hz monitor :slight_smile:

You wouldn’t need a 144hz monitor if you’re just going to lock your frames at 60. Typically you don’t go over 30 or 60fps in flight simulation. It all depends on the user and how they want to experience it. Its a slow pace game, no need for anything above 60hz in my opinion.


The 144hz monitor is also great for desktop use (for example windows moving). It probably is also a Gsync/Freesync monitor which is also great. The 144hz panels tend to be higher quality also in regards to color etc.

Only makes sense if one has a high end rig.

I would take time search through the different forums, Guess some people are reporting having a really good monitors is the cause of their High-End systems not doing as well as others with lower quality monitors.