Making an rnav approach help please

here in Bretagne at Quimper (LFRQ) the runway is 09 and 27. Like a lot of airport, LFRQ forget the ILS system for the rnp system.
In flight simulator, LFRQ runway is 10 and 28, there is an rnp approach for the 10.

I want to redoing that. in 80% of the case the wind come from the WEST;

I spent a lot of time with the SDK trying to making this. I m in progress but i have some question.
How can i remove actual obsolete RNAV informations. What is the good practice ?

Whith the information below. How shall we do ?
Could you redirect me to a documentation ? the SDK tutorial is interesting but need more information.

The table above is from the sia in france. sia in france
Sorry for my bas english. Thanks

After investigation, i found that an additionnal scene was the original problem.
Microsoft/Asobo made a good job for approach at LFRQ all are ok.

In my opinion, i think that the appoach documentation is very poor. i read à post in an over forum.
That made for me the difference.

an approach.

Need more documentation please …