Making PC hardware usable for XBOX

As a XBOX pilot I have that issue with less availabe hardware for my own “cockpit”.

I know there will be a hub by honeycomb to port some stuff, but some people say that the hub will not port all features of the honeycomb bravo throttle, for example.

So for me the questions arises: Is it somehow possible to make PC hardware usable on XBOX?

Maybe there is a solution like messing around with the driver or stuff like that.

I don’t have much hope for a workaround, even tho I would put some effort into it.

An Xbox peripheral is licensed by MS. So, if the VID\PID is not in the list, then it’s a nogo. It’s not like a PC where you can hook up (or make) anything and have it work. I’ve seen where people have made a device, then programmed it with an existing licensed vender ID. Not sure if that’s still possible to do with newer hardware.

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Yeah I know its not that easy.
Had some hope there would be a walkaround.

Do you know anything about the upcoming honeycomb hub?
Because some say it will not port all feauters of the compatible devices.