Malaysia Scenery Update Request

Dear Team MSFS,

First of all, a big thank you and a huge round of applause for doing this spectacular job. Thank you for making my dream come true to be able to fly and enjoy the scenery from above with such elaborate detail.

However, I would like to request for the developers to consider giving a bit more attention to my little country, Malaysia.

We are missing several skyscrapers, we are missing a really nice International F1 Circuit and most importantly, our beautiful KLIA International Airport, as well as Subang International Airport weren’t given any great detail.

Please help.

Please give us a better scenery in the upcoming updates.

I second this idea. :person_raising_hand:

It will give a positive impact especially to us residing here in this vicinity.

Hope this will come true.

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Yes please, I always fly around Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

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