Mallorca (photogrammetry)

Would love to see the island more representative of real-world. water-masks. accurate colorings. landmarks. etc.

Google dont have much PG for Mallorca, Palma and that’s all.

Data comes from Bing, not Google. And Google’s coverage of Mallorca is just fine.

Yes we are all aware of that but if Google has just one small area its likely Bing has none. Secondly when the community makes PG for an area they use Google.

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Not official but they are pretty good.

Since there recently was a Spain World Update, I wouldn’t expect anything from Asobo in the near future.
And photogrammetry by 3rd party devs aren’t better than freeware - and maybe even illegal because Google doesn’t allow usage of their PG data for profit.

The most likely Payware would be a set of 3D landmarks


They are both pretty good I must say so hand up, I was wrong. Mallorca at night, very pretty.

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