Managed Altitude Mode A320

Hi. Don’t know what I’m missing. But when I hover the mouse over the Altitude button all I can do is change the altitude. There is no down or up indication to select managed or selected altitude.

I have the standard game neo. And the flyby wire mod. Both are the same.

Please help



Select lock to legend i think in options accessibility. Changes it back.

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Go to your General Options → Accessibility → Cockpit Interaction. Set this from LOCK to LEGACY.

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Thank you. It works.

Thank you very much.

Does anyone know how to activate the managed climb after changing the altitude using the bravo throttle quadrant? At the moment I set it using the BTQ but then have to ‘pull’ the switch with the mouse to activate the climb.

You always have to ‘active’ the altitude change manually after setting a new target altitude.
Managed climb > push the alt button
Selected climb > pull the alt button

No matter what I press on the bravo it never activates the altitude change (in the A32nx).

The buttons work in that they turn the Modes on in the auto pilot but it won’t ‘pull’ the alt knob in order to initiate the managed climb. I looked to see if this needs to be mapped somewhere but couldn’t see anything.

Am I missing something as other people don’t look to be complaining about this?

I have no idea if the knobs on the Bravo have a realistic push/pull function, but I doubt it.

Probably try out the FSUIPC? It usually can have custom bindings with a specific commands. So theoretically, you should be able to bind the push/pull action from your hardware, and have it mapped and interpreted by FSUIPC to the same push/pull action in the sim.