"Mandatory Update", but no way to update... help?

Anyone else? I launch the sim, and get a prompt during startup that there is a mandatory update. Clicking OK takes me to the Microsoft Store, but there is no update option, only a Launch button. Going to the store cold, right clicking the 3 dots menu in upper right corner, selecting Downloads and Updates takes me to a page with the spinning blue wheel… selecting All Owned shows me MSFS in the listings, but no update button, all say Launch. Currently I cannot launch and play. Please help, MS.

Try re-starting your PC. That’s what I had to do. The update only comes from the MS Store or the Steam client. There is no update in-game.

Strange. I did the same thing I always do.

Click the elipses, then click “Downloads and updates”:


I then click “Get Updates”:


I downloaded two updates, one for MSFS, and one for OneNote:


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You, sir, are a scholar and a gentleman. Thank you! Update in progress.


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