Manhattan / New York Mod

Is there any mod for Manhattan / New York for MSFS 2020?
the one world trade center for example was not included in the World Update II

However, it is present in microsoft screenshot in the game menu.

Turn on photogrammetry


Those are all auto-gen buildings you’re seeing. Turn on photogrammetry and the problem will fix itself


This is unbelivable.

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What is unbelievable?

very helpful post @SlippedSheep437
Your feedback is UNBELIEVABLE

Thank you @Crunchmeister71 and @iRoozy

Looks much better now :sweat_smile:
no idea why photogrammetry was turned off

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Only I have mountains of garbage beyond the Hudson?

They diud something with photogrammetry. Most locations look terrible for me now.

For the OP who asked – someone did do a mod on the Empire State Building so that it looks better, esp at night. I downloaded it at flighttosim website.

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