Manicouagan river elevation issue

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Brief description of the issue:
The whole Manicouagan river seems to have a water body elevation error. I made a flight from CYBC to CMN5 and the river is about 100 meters above surrounding terrain.
Anyone else can confirm please before I send a ticket to Zendesk?

Confirmed. This problem affects a lot of areas in eastern Quebec.

Its the whole game, fly along any shore line and under the water you will see structures. Those are boat docks, roads, even bldgs in some cases. Too high water has plauged this game for ages, long before MSFS2020 was out. If you run bing, you’ll also notice that roads are too low, thats why they’re green. You can test that by turning on PG and fly low along a freeway. When you get to an overpass you’ll notice that it looks pretty much correct compared to Real Life, now pause still looking at the same spot, turn off PG wait for the scenery to load, now you’ll notice that the road/overpass doesnt match up, and that the road is about 3 feet to low into the ground.

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