Manipulators low performance over long flights

So in quite a few flights, I been observing performance drops over long flight (over 3 hours long), it seems to have something to do with the manipulators (not sure what exactally that is) that is causing the mainthread issues, as you can observe in the picture bellow.

Worth mentioning I’m using the FBW A320 (Experimental version), also I’m flying over japan with all WU’s installed (altho I been observing this for the last 2 hours over the ocean), it’s been a 5 hour flight up till now

Setup is I7 8700K 32gb 3200Ghz and RTX3090 running on almost ultra in UWQHD 100% render scale

Edit: Forgot to mention the usual FPS on this aircraft is well over 60, maybe mid 50s in very photogrametry intensive areas

Is anyone else getting this, any tips to mitigate the issue? Thanks

Just observed afater landing, might or not be related:

After parked I observed a sharp increase to about 50 FPS, droping to around 35/40 when looking around in the cockpit (which is not exactally normal fps for me, but manageble)

Intrestingly, if I change to the outside view there is a VERY sharp drop in fps looking around, which does not happen in the cockpit, how weird is that?

Also worth mentioning off-screen pre-rendering is on ultra

Here’s a video of this behaviour

I get this too after being in the air for a couple hours. I’ve come to the conclusion that I can’t really fly longer than that due to the performance drop off.

Turning off real time traffic used to help, but now doesn’t really do a lot.

It’s like the sim gives up half way through a flight and just chills whilst barely using the pc’s hardware

Yeah, I’m not using AI/Live traffic at all tho, I usually just fly on IVAO

One more, abour 4 hours into the flight and it’s been getting worse, RJBB-PANC B748

Edit: Stuff is really getting out of hand lol, up to 200ms on the mainthread,manipulators and it’s starting to stall the gpu

I have a similar issue: After my cessna/DA40NG/SR22/CTLS take off and climb to over 400ft, the fps drops from 60 to 16. But after you flown a traffic pattern and is on final and back to below 400ft the FPS goes back to 40, after you touch down the FPS goes back to 60

The frame counter and shows the mainthread-manipulator block

Could anybody possibly explain what the “manipulator” actually is? That is a serious bug.
As for making a simulator, the first thing to avoid is mainthread blocking and turning your sim FPS below 60. Any simulator with a below 60FPS does not meet the standard of training purpose.

I’m using an Intel 9700kf and 2070super with 32GB of mem
Still getting this issue

I am using i7-11700kf+3080ti, and I have the same issue! But when I use the explore mode, everything is normal. How weird it is. Anyone can help here? Thanks.

Hah… I started my flight with about 32 FPS (It’s the fenix airbus). 3.5 hours later it was a power point deck.